B16 From Hell

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alright, here's the plan. i am gettin a B16A and i plan to build the crap out of it. Its going to have boost on it eventually but i don't want to have to rely on that totally, thinkin absolutly no more then 12lbs? but i want to know what the best brand is for each part. from valves to pistons to cams to crank to cam gears. its all gonna be in a 89 Civic hatch. Fiberglass quaters and door skins all carbon fiber interior. And i dotn mean stuff i buy, i mean stuff i am fabricating from military grade wooven carbon fiber and resin. Any ideas? o, btw, we are building the turbo kit, my bud used to make them for Subaru 2.5's, B20A5 preludes, WRX's, maximas, and Ford Probes <only guy on the planet making a 2.5" probe GT kit btw. he's also nissan ASE certified> so him and i are doin all this work with the help of a honda mechanic. Any Ideas? hit me with em.


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and as far as i know the b16a doesn't have any crap built in to it.

i think you should get it sleeved and bored to 85mm run some ultra low compression pistons(9:1 or lower) get some crower rods, grab some gsr or type-r oil squirters, your gonna need a new turbo cam, and a big turbo (t4 with a .48A/R or bigger) and you will have one pissed motor. well you'll also need hondata or some other standalone system and a gm 3 atm. maf sensor conversion. this turbo may lag, but you will also be making huge power.


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Stick with Saturn's saturn_boy...

A t4 on a b16 would NEVER spool. MAYBE over 6k rpm.

I'd build the motor to 9:1 or 9.5:1 compression with any of the many brands of pistons out there: Wiseco, Endyne, JE, Ross, SRP, Arias, etc. and some good rods like Eagle or if you think you need to spend 2-3 times as much, Crower or Pauter.

Get some GSR cams, build the bottom end right, and get a good sized turbo with a .63 Turbine side. 57 trim, 60 trim or 60-1 would be the range I'd stick to, 60-1 being the biggest I'd even consider.

You can leave the head stock. I have a friend here that will run high 10's on the stock head, so leave Honda's brilliance alone.