b16 fully built need help dart block or sleeves

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I have a 1991 b16 with eagle h beam rods eagle light weight knife point counter balance. cp pistons. and a earl performance block gurdle. trying to find out a way to make the block stronger i have every thing put together im just at a crossroads with the block wether it would be strong enough with just new sleevs or going dart block. just trying to go indestrucatable as it can be im looking for big HP. I have a gt35r turbo and 800cc rc injectors i have no idea what cams to get for it i have been buying the peaces for years. looking for a solid 500 hp reliable probley 30psi. just want to make sure i dont blow the sleeves out. way to much money invested already just need help with the last problem. i have built several turbo motors just went way over board. need help give me feed back
what would be the best sleeves.and how would you choose the best cam. ihave built several turbo motors but i have never gone this over board. its bored .5 over it has stock stroke
Benson sleeves are way up there. Golden Eagle work good too. Pickin cams can be tricky on a max effort build. Its best to leave it to the pros, in most cases.