B16 Head On An Old 1990 Integ Block

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I have a 90 integ ls and i want to put a b16 head on it since i got the ls b18a block already. Can i just swap my head and leave my old bottom block on it or do i have to get a new bottom block since mine is old or can i just get it polished and stuff? (Its the b16a head from JDM or civic si)
well yes and no. If you r cheap and dont want to spend the extra 1500+ then you can go with out the bottom end but dont rev past 7000 (pointless to go this route) but if you actually want to see results with this swap, you have to upgrade the bottom end with new wrist pins, and rods. (whole list in the either faqs or article section) Go with a head from a first generation b16, it is the cheapest plus it is obd0
Dude, a B18 block with a Vtec head is also known as a LS/Vtec. It is ownage, but only if u do it right and get it sleeved and internals all worked. unless ur really good at engine building, get a shop to do it 4 u.
You don't have to get the engine sleeved. You don't even have to get rods. You are safe running ARP rod studs in LS rods and not revving past 8k. You do have to change pistons because the valve reliefs are not big enough on the LS pistons for the larger VTEC intake valves, you will likely see at least a little impaction. I really would reccomend waiting until you have the money to build it well before you undertake this project. You will be much happier with it if you do.
holy old thread- dug this out from a search. Sorry if i'm beating a dead horse here, but i need to clarify this too- so the year of a block doesn't matter for a LS/Vtec conversion, as long as it's a B18A/B? I'm looking to do a B18 swap into my '94 civic but due to $$ reasons I will probably be keeping the LS head temporarily. I just want to make sure I get the right one to start with
You could just really slap the two together, but there really isn't a point to this. You should upgrade the bottom end since it is apart anyways and not have to hassle with tearing it apart again down the road. You have the option to rev much higher with a little more invest, i say go all the way instead of halfway and realize you should have went further.