B16 Head With Gsr Block

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i got a 2000 si head and a GSR complete bottom end. i know they will just mate right together but i was concerned about power ratings and compression. i heard this will drastically lower the compression but then i heard it will raise it because it changes the deck height. has anyone ever done this and do you have any input you could give me. if you have, any idea what kind of power it puts down compared to a regular B16 and a regular GSR?


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Compression will drop by .2 nothing crazy. You will have more power than the B16 and less than the GSR. You can regain that power by running Type R pistons.


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B) A crack on my air intake on my b18c with no replacement. Ihad a b16a head fitted,and alsofitted b16 pistons (pr3).
The result felt better especially top speed,but remember the second stage flaps in the b18c was not working infact was removed
Now thinking of fitting b18c cams on b16a head that is on b18c block
wonder how that will be!!!