B16 Inot A Crx Without Mount Kit..

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Hey i wanted to know if anyone here new a web site or had an artical on how to modify the integ mounts to get the b16 into the crx i want to do everything my self this time with out a motor mount kit and without having someone modify my shit linkage...any help on this subject wil help..thanks
First off you can't use your "shit" linkage from your present motor on a B series,second your going to need axles,third the B will fit assuming you have a 2nd gen rex with the B mounts but your hood won't close you'd either need a new hood or trim the ribs underneath
1.use the 90-91 Acura integra 5spd motor mounts get the L bracket for the rear mount too.
2.Move the rear mount to the hole next to the hole its in on the rear cross member(threaded bolt hole) and you'll have hammer down part of the lip of the frame rail so the L bracket will work(look on hasports website for a photo). You'll also need to get a hammer and bang the drivers side frame rail where the alternator on the b16/b18/b17 will go, if not it won't clear the rail.
3.You'll have to trim down the driver's side motor mount that you got from the integra where the bolt goes through on both sides so it fits in the chassis mount on the crx.
4. Get two 1/4" steel plates for the passenger side mount and bring your welding skills. You'll have to line the other two mounts(rear and drivers side) and bolt them in before you weld in the new passenger side mount. Get a level and balance the engine in the bay so it sides relatively level front and back.
5. Remove the Honda factory chassis passenger side mount from the engine bay(cut it off or whatever you have to do.) Weld in the two plates so that the integra passenger mount will bolt in(best way is to bolt in the rear and driver side mount with them attached to the engine, and bolt the tranny passenger mount to the tranny then use a jack to lift the motor into position,level the engine/tranny with the level, mark the mount location and lower the motor and then weld them in. You don't use the front mount so don't worry about it.
6. You've done it, now make sure you get 90-91 integra 5spd axles(you can use the auto axles but you'll have to modify the halfshaft, so just get the 5spd from a parts store or whatever, any model from those two years but get the 5spd).
7. You'll also have to modify your factory linkage or get the hasport linkage. Honestly on my b16 swap i just went to home depot and got a steel pipe and measured my linkage to where it would fit, cut it and welded the pipe to fit. It is still on the car to this day after 4+ years of all motor and 10lbs of boost later it still works like factory.
8. Sounds like a lot of work but it isn't, if you have access to a welder you are home free. A lot of the stuff you have to do with the mount kit from hasport also, plus i found this gave me tons of clearance from the radiator even with the turbo kit, although to fit a decent header in there you will have to modify the front cross member by cutting it a little but oh well like i said my car has held up with no problems from the mount relocation method. Good luck if i get time i will take some pics on the digi and post em.

Oh yeah i never had to modify the hood at all with this method, i think in crx's the hood line may sit lower so you may have too modify the hood, but with the b16 it sits lower than a b18 would, so with the b18 in a civic it may hit.
It would still be nice to know what year rex we are talking about.
thanks alot SOHC i knew alot of the stuff beforehand because i had done a previous b16 swap but it was into my old crx which was a 88hf that i had to change the knuckles of cuz of the axle size i used 89 integ axles which worked perfect and i used hasport mount kit as for the linkage i had a friend cut about an inch i think he said and i rewired vtec into the stock wiring i know i am going to modify the shift linkage but once the motor is in place under hood i will mesure it and see how much i have to chop off and weld back on...i just ment regarding the swap how to do it with out using a motor mount kit and SOHC explained perfectly when i did my last b16 swap i didnt have to bang out the drivers firewall for some reason everthying went in kinda tight but at the end it was all nice and snug...the car this b16 is going into is a 91 crx dx converted to si which i have gutted just to the dash i even pulled out the heater core to save weight..and once again thanks alot sohc em for the info.....