B16 Or H22a

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prelude power

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Hey I just want some feed back on whether I should stick with my H22 or swap with a B16. Which is more tunnable and less costly to tune. anybody with a B16 if u could tell me how the power is and if its worth it .
Preludes are way too heavy because of the 2.2 and on top of that a prelude is very heavy and isn't going to handle as good but if you have a prelude definately just turbo the H22.


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I was going to get a H22 put into my 95 Civic but I decided to distribute the money a little bit better. If I would have gotten the H-series I wouldn't have been able to get tires or any suspension mods for atleast a month or two.
I'm dropping my car off at the shop tonight to get the B16 put in and I invested in some KYB shocks and H&R springs. And this weekend I'm picking up some rims(haven't made up my mind on which ones) with some Falken Azenis tires.
The point is I invested my money evenly on many aspects of my car instead of on just one thing. Plus in 6-8 months I'm gonna take my car to Hook-up imports and get a GSR swapped in for a fraction of the cost because I'll be giving up my B16 to them.
I'm taking pictures of everything and I'll post them up. You guys will laugh at some of the things I had to go through.

-I wrote all of that to give you an idea about different options.


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I am not to sure how much more a H22 weighs but I would say it is around 100lbs. or so more. The Prelude body is mad heavy and accounts for most of the extra weight. The lack of torque would make the B16 suicide on a prelude.