B16 Or Zc In Crx Help Needed

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ok, well i've been debating on whether to go with a b16 or a zc. but im leaning towards the b16, so now my question is what year of the car should the b16 come from? because i am totally confused about all this obd0, obd1, obd2 and so on...for a very easy swap in regards with the wiring what year should the motor be and from what car should it come from? but if i go with the zc do i just get the engine and use my si tranny thats already in the car?? and do i use the same ecu?? if anyone can clear this up for me it would be great.
well, a ZC and a b16a ( that u want) came from the same year CRX. the ZC is from the japanese Si and the b16a is from the japanese siR, i believe 90-91 or something?

ZC= Dseries cheap,non-vtec, bolts up to stock tranny and everything for wiring
B16a = b series Vtec, need mounts wiring linkage axels ECU, alot more $$
Add mounts to any DOHC swap zc or B whatever,for the same reason the hood won't close because of the extra lenght at the cam pully side,or you can cut the ribs underneath.Yes a zc is going to be cheaper,but not easier.All the parts needed to fit the B in that car are easily had through aftermarket and it isn't like buying another motor or something.Plus you'll be much happier with the B.I have the pleasure of living in a country that has both,I've driven them back to back and the vti (B16A) is worth the extra.