b16 pistons on a ls block

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im putting b16 that are already on ls rods in my ls vtec. i bought new rings, rod bearings, and arp rod bolts. it will be a 11 to 1 compression with the b16 head. i have a vtec water pump, vtec oil pump, arp head studs, new head gasket, timing belt yea a vtec one. what i want to know is will i be able to turn 8500 rpm's and what do i need to know about high compression engines?

o yea my ecu is ls vtec chipped and i want to run like a 50 shot of nos wet shot that is.
Can your valve train handle 8500? If so then I suppose you could. I would get some stronger rods first. Maybe a crank girdle.
i have the same set up but i shot peened the rods, running crower dual valve springs and titanum retainers. make sure to get your assy balanced. i take it to 8.5k for 10,000 miles so far so good.


Originally posted by pills_PMD@Oct 16 2002, 07:49 AM
what crank are you using? if it's the LS one, i dont think it is worthwhile to take it much past 8000. read brians r/s ratio article

I disagree. If you make power up to 8500, then by all means... rev it there. Just make sure that your engine holds together. I have no problems hitting 8500 rpm with my setup. If you're on a stock bottom end with different pistons though, don't do it.