b16 SirII map sensor

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I am about ready to do a b16 swap and i am getting as much info before i rip out my old motor. I have a 93 del Sol Si WITH A D16Z6 SOHC Vtec engine in it. i have located most of the connections and have researched this swap. my only concern it the map sensor. i have seen that the SirII has a intergrated map sensor in the throttle body. my question is what do i do with the wiring ? i have a harness that connects to the map sensor on my Z6 engine, so where do i connect that to?
The MAP has a vacuum line that attaches it to the throttle body,the wiring attaches it to the harness.Unplug the MAP from the harness and take it out with the rest of the engine.Then when you put the new engine in plug the harness into the MAP on the new engine.