B16 Swap Clutch Cable not fitting


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My cluch cable doesnt fit on my b16. At the longest setting it is pulling the lever up about 1.5" without the pedal depressed. Do i need a new clutch cable? Everywhere I heard that the stock one would work just fine. Thanks for the help.



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On my 91 integra, I thought I had this problem too, but it turned out it was like a preload thing. My clutch engaged and disengaged fine. Try hooking it up, you'll have to pull on the clutch lever on the tranny to get the cable on. Then see if your clutch is being disengaged. You should be fine.


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what happens is that either under the dash where the cable connects to the clutch pedal or in the cable housing, something causes them to bind up - after depressing the clutch several times, you will hear a loud bang and your pedal will go down and seem like it is not releasing the clutch - feels like the cable broke - just adjust from there and it will be o.k. - we have looked and looked to try to see where it binds with no luck, but we have had the same problem on 2 or 3 swaps - the cable will work, just need to get it to pop free


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also, make sure that the cable is in all of the way on the transaxle side of the cable. I made that mistake. Sometimes the round part of the cable does not go all the way in the hole of the transaxle cable, making it seem like the cable is too short.



There is no problem. You could not engage the clutch with your own strength. It uses a lever to do the work. Pull the lever up until it stops. that is where your clutch begins to engage. when you connect it have some one push in the clutch and you watch the lever it will lift past that point with ease just adjust the cable a little tighter if it's too shallow for you at the peddle. Mine worked great.


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Yeah...i figured that out a LONG time ago. There is a reason no one has posted on this since March. Please Lock. Thanks.