B16 Swap Kit

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complete B16 swap kit. Integra Gs-R (dohc vtec) head swap, Integra LS transmission swap.

This motor is currently in my car and is being removed tonight. The engine runs great and needs no new parts...just recently done:
**water pump
**clutch disk, pressure plate, and flywheel

This motor is currently turbocharged, but has only been so for 3 months...
reason for sale:
getting my built motor in this week...was going to keep this motor as back up, but I cant afford that right now...The motor has a thick 3mm hg on it now. I can replace to stock hg if you aren't planning on going turbo. Excellent motor, always been reliable.

included: head, block, transmission, wire harness, shift linkage, axles, stock intake manifold, mounts, etc...
Only thing you will need is an ECU...selling now for a low price of $2500 firm!

call Eddie @ 703 440 8705 OR 703 598 2524