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I was just wondering, I'm doing a b16a swap in my 90' Acura teg, Everyone says that this is a decent swap for the price but the torque isn't really sufficient. Before I put the motor in the car I'm going to put a light wieght flywheel, 60% more holding capacity clutch, and most importantly, equiping it with LSD. Will any of these mods help to build torque, or will it just help the minimal torque to get going? If not, what will be my best option,(money wise) for torque? Cams, cam gears, pistons, pulleys????? :blink:

Any help will be appreciated

releaving some backpressure in the exhust will give some increase in TQ (get a larger diameter exhust,but dont go too big other wise you'll get the opposite effect :angry: ) Higher compression pistons will also net you some more TQ if you want to go N/A

Nitrous is best left for drag racing, not daily driving.

For any real serious amount of TQ, you need to boost that bitch :D
you have a b18a in there right now- build an LS/vtec
best bang for the buck
oh yeah, i didn't see you have a '90 teg. stick with the b18a. if you wanted you could even throw some 94-00 b18b cams in it for a little more umph. if you want gobs more tough i think that you have 2 options ls/vtec or ls/turbo.

and nitrous is ONLY for drag racing AT THE TRACK.
That's cool an all, but I'm just worried about the reliability. I know a guy who put an LS/Vtec in his hatch and his shit was loaded with money, but he still spun a bearing. You can buy ARP rod bolts and head bolts for not that much but what about stronger rod and main bearings? Also, should I buy a shitted engine for like 400 bucks and build the LS/Vtec out of the car or should I just try to do the head swap with the block in the car? I've read the sites tech article but it isn't really what I'm looking for. I'm one of those visually people. Any good threads or links? What about price? can I accomplish a decent reliable setup for say... 2500?

Thanks yo :D