B16 Transmission HARD to Downshift into Second

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New Member
I can shift 1-5 great
I can get in reverse fine
I can downshift ALL gears fine EXCEPT 2nd

Its like I hit a wall, theres no grinding but i physically cant pull it all the way into gear.
IF I move the shifter into first with the clutch pressed in I can usually slide it right into second
without hitting the wall.
Is is just a synchro? I thought synchros would grind...
I recently changed motor mounts at the same time I installed the B16 Trans (had an ls)
BTW this is a 91 Ef hatch b20b/ j1 b16 cable
With the problem being so specific, it rules out thoughts of cable tension or play in shifter's various parts. At least thays how I'm seeing it.

I'm thinking 2nd gear is getting tired. Probably syncros but I'm not versed in the guts of a transmision.

That's an old transmission. 24-28 years old. If financially possible, I'd get it rebuilt by someone who knows those transmisions. 2nd gear is a notorious issue in tons of manual Honda transmissions. Mostly from bangin' gears and having fun too hard.
thats what i figured, was hoping someone could pin point it out a bit better for me. I do plan on tearing apart the transmission sometime in the future to see what it really is..
Im guessing a synchro, but idk