b16a 2nd gen swap questions

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im new at swaping, i got a 95 civic ex stick 2 door and i just bought a JDM b16a 2nd gen out a 93 sir II, i was told that the rear motor mount is all i need to change in order to make it fit, is this true, also what axles will i need someone told me my stock axles will work, but I read on another post that i need different axles which is true and if I do need different axles what are they out of? Any help would great.


those mounts for for swapping obd 0 b-series into 5th gens. the SiR 2 will drop right in with its own mounts. if it comes with axels, use those- else get 94-98 integra axles.
ksr how many miles are on your old D16Z6 motor? looking to sell it with tranny?
thanks for the info@ pissedoffsol, the b16a I have is an OBD 1 2nd gen it came with the rear mount from that setup , can i still use all my old stock civic mounts with the JDM rear or will those need to be changed too? the axles i do not have, so I will go buy those this week and get started on this, to knowledge I have another D16z6 Motor and 5 speed tranny, milage is somewhere around 60K but I am not sure I was given this setup when a guy who owed me money gave it to me to satisfy the the debt, when he decided to swap his civic to a b18c if youre interested just let me know. thanks to everyone who can lend me some help!