b16a 2nd gen swap questions

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new at this so i don't know what is right and wrong, i have a 95 civic ex stick 2 door, i got a 93 b16a 2nd gen sir II swap, what i need to know is if my engine wiring harness will work i was told by a local shop that my harness will plug right in all i would need to do is just extend some wires to make it all fit, other than that it shold just plug in and work, also I was told that my stock p28 ecu would drive the b16a with no problem, I already chipped the ecu to b16a spec, so what I would like to know is if the info i was given on the wiring harness and ecu is correct and if not what will i need to rewire/what ecu would i need, any help would be great.
if the ECU has already been modified your all set your harness will work fine
thanks for the info, should I just go with a p30 ecu instead, because it has the knock sensor in it or should i just stick with my modified p28 and not use the knock sensor? If I go with the p30 will it plug right into my harness or will i have to modify it to work? thanks again for all your help.
if your using an aggressive fuel curve and good gas 93+ and get the thing tuned youll be fine... the knock sensor isnt important if you tune your engine and fuel properly.... i know a few people running B18C5s with the P28 and none of them have had issues
i use the P28 on my B16(w skunk2/mugen program), stick with your P28, it can be reprogrammed to do anything(as you said, it has been reprogrammed), or you can use in conjunction with a hondata system down the road if you choose to do more fine tuning.