B16a Bottom End For No2

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I'm now starting to collect parts for the swap to B16. I plan on going with a 75-shot direct port set-up later on but wanted to build the engine for this now before it goes in. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
if your intrested, a good friend of mine (who knows his shit) has a b16 head for sale. Never used since it came back from the shop. has port/polish, w/manley oversized valves, portflow valve springs and retainers. also has port matched individual throttle bodies. but i dont know how crazy you want to get. all of this stuff is brand new never been used.
i would like some info on some ideas. i am building a b16 also. i was thinking of stock ls rods and a set a of je 10.1 pistons and rings to start with. i would like to stay as cheap as possible seeing as this is my daily driver and heard that stock ls rods are the strongest stock rods and would fit in a b16. let me know somthing as soon as possible.

Originally posted by ek9r@Feb 10 2003, 03:38 PM
also has port matched individual throttle bodies.

whoa he has ITBs for sale?!?!!??! what brand are they? big brother racing? TWM? Toda? and also how much????

PS: why would he port match individual throttle bodies since he "knows his shit"