B16a First Gen

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I have this vacuum hose prob from the fuel regulator and the rest of the were do all of them go onto this B16A first gen swap into 90 CIVIC SI HB. 2nd ????? How do i set my timming it has 4 lines on crank pulley 3 together and 1 thats alone and its white from the 3 that are together the middle is red how do align my car from here.thanks
A the top of this forum there is a sticky,it has a manual for the 4th gen with a B16A in it.It will have the vacuum diagrams.You will have to DL it,but then you can print it.
ok first off . . . waiting 2.5 hrs for free help is not bad at all, maybe a little research would help also. . . you can't expect to complete an engine swap using HS for all your information . . . timing marks? i would open a manual before getting pissed off over a 2.5 hr wait period for free help.
First its not 2.5 hours i have waited i have posted on other ?'s and got like 1 or 2 responses in almost a week wich i think either they dont now or just plain dont want to bother and thats cool i will find out one way or the other no prob i just thought plp here would be more helpful i know there alot of them here that like to help but then theres plp that just talk crap about other plps ?. And if i could find what im asking from my service manual i would not be asking here i ask these things because USDM 90 Civic with B16A isnt in a manual right the only way for me to find out the thing i need to know is by asking people who have been through this exact swap .Im not pissed off either, i just come here to share what i know and get the same THATS IT k B :)
Try This.
yes, but if you have anything extra just cap them off. make the engine work with the car. not the car with the engine due to emissions and smog purposes.
:D :D :D Awewsomw man thanks a grip i have them all wrong hehehe all wrong THANKS a bunch :thumbsup: :thumbsup: CRXSIR1