B16a installing a AUTO

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So dont laugh, im just a big crx fan and i have this 91 CRX, not an Si, its just a slow automatic. and i wanted to know from you guys, if swaping out a auto with a 5-speed, and a b16a while im at it. how much would it cost? is it worth it? please respond.
Originally posted by chet@Oct 7 2002, 06:53 PM
no, not worth the headache. sell the auto and find a 5 speed.

ditto. sell your rex and buy a manual rex.. maybe one with a blown motor..since your gonna swap it out anyways. make a little money and do a swap. cant lose.
and then calesta will be here to say- do it man.. intercrew did it for me for $500

Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 8 2002, 02:32 AM
and then calesta will be here to say- do it man.. intercrew did it for me for $500


:werd: :D

There are problems with it though- right now I can't get my key out sometimes... you can't bypass the shift interlock easily, so you might have that problem. I know how to fix it- just need to get the time to go digging around the shifter. Most places will NOT do a good job of converting your car- I just got lucky, and Intercrew knows their stuff. Think of this- Jotech, one of the more famous shops in Texas- they won't touch a transmission conversion. Intercrew will do any conversion for $1000 plus parts, or $500 on top of the price of a swap.

If you want the least amount of headaches, get a car that already has the most stuff you already want. I should have sold my car and gotten an EX... I added power locks and windows, and the windows are one of the recurring headaches that I have. The same goes with the transmission- it's really not that hard if you know (or your shop knows) how to do it correctly, but a lot of people will really screw it up.

For a car as old as what you have, do you really want to spend the extra cash (and take the chance) of messing things up? If you have a ton of cash in the body/stereo/suspension, you may want to consider converting it. If not, you would probably be better off buying another car.

Look at the shops in your area to see what their pricing is on something like that, and ask for examples (contact info of car owners) of their work so you can check it out. Personally- I would do the tranny conversion again in a heartbeat, but I have a shop close by that does it perfectly.