B16A into a '93 Civic Si?


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Running on a '93 Civic Si (Hatchback) with a D16z6 engine. First car, still in high school, and I'm trying to learn what I can about building my engine and raising the overall performance of my car. Hoping to keep it through college if I can take care of it.

I know a lot of people think high school guys, like me, are just out there to get fat muffler tips, tinted windows, rims, decals etc. But I'm actually interested in doing work on my engine, learning about how I can do mods myself and how everything works. A lot of people tell me an engine swap (under $2,000 if I look around? Hopefully?) is the best way for me to start off with some nice power under the hood, no mods needed just yet. That seems to be what most people agree on.

Here's what I need to know:

- Where do I wanna go to find it? Can you trust online companies to send the full engine and everything?

- Where can I get it done? I don't know enough about cars just yet to do more than basic installations, and even that takes me a while with a few friends. I'd rather not break anything or mess up installation because I don't know what I'm doing. =\

- Is it worth buying an "engine swap" kit and learning to do it myself? What kind of place do you need, amount of space and all that, to do that sort of thing on your own?

- Best way to stay under $2,000 ... ?

I know there was an article on this sort of swap a few forums above this, but I'm looking for personal opinions given my circumstances: money, experience (or lack thereof), and all that.

Thanks a TON for any feedback you can give me. =)


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hondamotorsonline is reputable and priced accordingly. I think their B16's for your ride, which I would recommend getting the same year would run in the middle to upper 2k's.

You can use teg mounts all around.


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yeah swapping in a B16A2 should be a good first swap and quite rewarding too- You can actually get the complete swap for you car (motor, mounts, transmission, ECU) for about 1799 + shipping from hmotorsonline.com, which, as JD said, is a very reputable motor source-


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Thanks for the feedback, I think that's probably what I'm gonna go for. B16A2, I mean.

Is that something I could have sent directly to the shop (if I order it online), or am I better off taking the time to do - or learn to do - the swap myself?

Like I said, big time n00b here, but I'm trying to learn what I can.

Alsooo, any chance I could get some cash off the D16Z6 with 99K on it? Just curious if there's anything I can do with it besides trashing the whole thing. =P


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You need to specify the year of your car 92-95, so they send you the right motor.

I would say, if you have the time to learn, do it yourself, but if not, installs usuallay run about $500-$1000. As far as space, you can do it in a garage, with basically, basic hand tools. Just be prepared for something to go wrong, if you are, you won't be surprised.

Yes, you can sell your old motor. Look to get 300-700 for the complete swap, maybe more, if you find someone that needs it. Or, you can keep it, and slowly build it, learning more and more, while building say a sick turbo project motor.