B16a Jdm Or B17a1 Usdm Into 92-93 Integra

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i am looking for a perfect swap meaning that i want the wires and everything to match with no mods. is this possible. have a 93 integra gs with the b18a1 inside, i want to put in a vtec motor. I found the b16a with the ecu and trans for a good price, but i wonder if it will be an exact fit or not. or if the b17a1 would be an exact fit, or if either one would fit at all.thanx.
Any B series will be an exact fit, you would only have to add wires for VTEC if you went that route. Don't go B16 you will regret it. That engine does not produce near enough torque for that chassis. Your best bet is to get a tranny from a B16 and buy a 94-95 B18C1.
Because it has a hydaulically actuated clutch and the Gen 2 Integra does not have that hydro system. We use cables instead.

Sure the C5 would work as well.