B16a Longblock


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All that a longblock is...is a motor built with heads, etc. Shortblock means it's a motor built without heads etc. A long block doesn't necessarily mean it's better than a shortblock. It just means that it's more *complete* than a shortblock.


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Yes and no... yes if you have everything that you need to run the engine, like harnesses/wiring, transmission, clutch, accessories, etc. The longblock is just the engine. Most swap prices out there are for full "changeovers" that include pretty much everything that was tied to the engine.


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I thought a long block was the engine with nothing on it(intake and exhaust manifold,alternator,etc....)just block and head


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What people don't realize is that nowadays, the price for a B series w/o tranny is going for pretty much the same price as a ZC w/o tranny from a company not a private party. If you can get your hands on a cheaper tranny off of thepartstrader or somewhere else, you can have your cake for much cheaper than you thought you would (and then eat it too, if you want).


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not really..you still have to find an ECU for 100, a distro for at least 60, a tranny for 300, a cut harness for 150, axles/intermediate shafts for 150, and bam, just like that, you're at $1200, the price for a complete swap.