b16a o2 sensor help

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i have an b16a and i have 2 o2 sensors, it obd 0 i know i can use an 90-93 integra ls for the 1st sensor but what about the 2nd sensor? also i have a test pipe in the car right now til i can get a high flow cat what kind of issues if any will i run it with the performance of the motor? any info would be great thanks
im not sure about the o2 sensor for that year but ive been running a test pipe, while ive been scraping the money together for a complete exhaust, on my b16a. im pretty sure that its robbing me of power without cams. but i havent had any problems its been like that for about 10months now and it starts and runs good even in winter. thats not much of an answer but it might give you some piece of mind. good luck dude, sorry i cant be more help