b16a or b16b for civic 95 dx hatch swap

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Shingo Shouji

New Member
After a bit of research I found out the b16a is the most compatible with my civic dx hatchback, but the b16b makes more power stock, and is obd2, while the civic dx is obd1. Is there any way I can manage to put the b16b into the dx with the ecu, transmission, electronics, etc. that would come with the b16b. The amount of money or work is not necessarily a concern, but `I would like to know if its plausible, or if the work it would take is just way wayyy to much, like removing all the wiring or something like that, any advice or information is appreciated, thanks.
The swap is pretty much identical other than the initial cost of the engine/trans/etc

The b16b is cool but more rare and therefore far more expensive

For the price of a b16b you could make a very potent b16a or b18c(1)... Or even be well on your way to a K swap with LOADS more potential to make power
finding a b16b these days is super tough. no one has them. if you do find it, it's over-priced for the extra 10-20 hp.

in fact, all the b-series swaps are getting harder to find. They are just too old. most of them have been sold or blown up or junk yarded into 100s of pieces throughout the internet.

In terms of ease, the b16a3 from the 94-95 del sol will be the easiest one to swap in. you'll need an integra shift linkage.
the b16a sir II will be next in line as both of those are obd 1.
you'll still need to run vtec wires

obd1 gsr engines (b18c1) are also pretty straight forward, but 1 more wire to run with the IAB control.

Putting in an obd 2 motor is just slightly more difficult, but opens up the b16a2 from the 99-00 si (em1) and of course the jdm counterparts and integra obd2 options and the type R. some more wiring/plug swaps to make it happen but certainly not too much to do and it's well documented.

All that said, i don't know if i would do a b-series swap these days. They are old. the last b-series is from 2001? maybe there's an 02 hanging around somewhere is at BEST 21 years old. more likely 25+ years old for obd1.

k-swaps are plug and play these days. A k24a2 plus a k20z trans is really popular. and it will smoke a b16b all day. and probably cost less. The drawn back is the shifter. you'll have to destroy your interior to get it all in or buy an expensive kit that makes it look like stock/supposed to be there instead of sticking out 8 inches.