B16A or B18B?

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Motor swap is coming up soon, either motor i get will be boosted at around 7 psi with stock internals. Im debating between a b18b or the jdm b16a sir2. Im looking for both reliability AND power here, anybody have any suggestions? And do you have any ideas on which one would make for a faster car at the track, with all other things being equal?
equal doesn't exist.

faster car at the track? depends on tranny, traction, etc.

the ls trann is better suited for boost, as its longer geared.
the b16 flows better.
the ls is $1000 cheaper than the b16

what I would do would be do the ls, and get rods and pistons with that $1000 you save, and have the better tranny, and have the bottom end built up better to hold the boost. there's youre reliability. although both motors SHOULD be fine on stock internals on 7psi, but again 7psi depends on the turbo size and how many cfm's it pushes.
ls differentials are the weakest, of the b-series transmissions. if i were you i would only go from a roll, and i'd eventually upgrade to a closed differential.

also, i like vtec, and i like boosted vtec, its faster than non-vtec. go with a boosted b16a.
Where can I find an LS engine for 1K less...at Hondamotorsonline.com, they are only a couple hundred $ cheaper, granted this will be a complete swap! Oh, and there aren't any junkyards near me with acuras!