B16A Sir 1

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well it's the cheapest b16 engine on hondamotorsonline.com what do you guys think about it is there a down side to this motore or anything like that
it has a cable tranny right? that is the downside, what car is it for? del sol?
i think that for a 4th gen civic, this is hands down the best swap if you've got a couple grand to blow. it is EASILY the most cost effective, as it's pretty much a $2000 60 hp/30 lb-ft of torque gain over the stock engine. with oem honda reliability, not aftermarket parts. sure, you can go b18, you can go LS/VTEC, you can go CRVTEC, you can go H22, shit if you wanna you can put a jet engine in your 4g civic/2g crx, but for a great swap without a great hit on the wallet, the sir1 is the way to go. (i have a zc, and for $700 installed myself i am VERY happy - fits real nice with a $7/hr budget.)
yea i have a del sol, how much is a hydro conversion kit or should i just look for a hydro tranny in a junkyard or should i just get the sir 2 which is 1200 more has 10 more horse and has the tranny i need
buying the SiR for a 5th gen will cost more to install and get running than a b16a SiR 2 or b16a3.

we've had this 10000 times on the old board. don't do it.
Hello, new to this site but however, I have a complete 97 GSR Integra USDM swap, complete w/ everything pulled out of running car. Comes w/ everything top to bottom to include axels, radiator complete. Only thing you will need is a new wiring harness. I'm asking 2k. You will have to come up w/ shipping.

yup- for sale/wanted to buy towards the bottom :)
its ok, youre new.. but dont post stuff for sale anywhere else from now on