b16a SiR into 91 crx Dx

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Hello, I am attempting to put a b16a SiR into my 91 rex Dx. I have a couple of questions, hoping that you knowledgable people will have some answers for me.
this is what I have, but want to get rid of.


I have browsed around the site and had many questions answered, but I wanted to get a pic of my old motor up in case I am missing something.
The motor I have my eyes on is coming straight out of another car so it has many of these parts already installed. BUT, I want to make sure I am prepared before I get the swap underway. is there something on this list I WONT need? or something you see on the list that I DO need? this is my first full swap and I am hoping it will go smooth.
  • Axles (S1 intermediate shaft) Integra '90-'91, any make (non-ABS).
  • Throttle Cable '90-'91 Integra, any model. Part # 17910-SK7-A03 (Acura)
  • Clutch Cable '88-'91 CRX Si, may require modification to fit.
  • Shift Linkage + Torque Rod '90-'93 Integra, requires modification to fit, or buy pre-cut (highly advised)
  • Clutch Disc Integra non-GSR, '90-'91.
  • Clutch Plate Integra non-GSR, '90-'91 (?????)
  • Throwout/release bearing Integra GSR, '92-'93 (?????)
  • Flywheel bearing Intergra GSR, '92-'93 (?????)
  • Cam seal endplug Part # 12513-P30-000
  • Oil Filter Integra GSR, '92-'93.
  • Valvecover Gasket Part # 12341-PR3-000. del Sol VTEC '94+.
  • Oil Pan Gasket Part # 11251-P30-004, del Sol VTEC '94+.
  • Intake Manifold Gasket Part # 17105-P30-004, del Sol VTEC '94+.
  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket Part # 18115-P30-013, Del Sol VTEC, '94+.
  • Rear coolant hose (IACV?) Part # 19507-PR3-000 (Honda)
  • Cam Seals Part # 91213-PR3-013 (Honda)
  • Cam seal endplug Part # 12513-P30-000 (Honda)
  • Spark plug tower seals Part # 12342-PG6-000 (Honda)
  • Valve cover grommets Part # 90442-P30-000 (Honda)
  • Timing belt cover gasket Part # 11831-PR3-000 (Honda)
  • Head gasket del Sol VTEC '94+
  • Fuel injector O-rings Part # 91301-PM7-003, del Sol VTEC '94+
  • Fuel injector rail cushions Part # 16473-PD6-000, del Sol VTEC '94+
  • Distributor Cap and Rotor Integra non-VTEC kit from Acura ('90-'91 Integra LS) Part # 06303-PR4-000
  • Water Pump Part # 19200-P30-003, from a '92-'93 Integra GSR.
  • Front + Rear Crank Seal Integra GSR, '92-'93.
  • Throttle body gasket Integra LS, '90-'91 (????). del Sol VTEC does NOT fit.
  • IACV seal CRX Si (?????)
  • Upper + Lower Radiator Hose del Sol VTEC, '94+.
  • Timing Belt Part # 14400-PR3-004, del Sol VTEC '94+.
  • Spark Plugs Part # BKR6E-11 (NGK copper) GAP: 0.039-0.043
  • Rear Transmission Bracket Part # 50827-SK7-020, '90-'93 Integra non-VTEC (80% sure)
  • Coolant hose, back of block to intake manifold Part # 19507-PR3-000, del Sol VTEC
any help would be greatly appreciated.
are you rebuilding the entire motor?!?!?
for just the swap you will need,
motor,tranny,axles(90-93 integra with intermediate shaft)mounts(hasport,ebay,avid,etc.)shift linkage(cut and weld or buy a swap linkage)ecu,and you need to convert to MPFI
it'll be a different motor. what you see is what i'm about to yank out. the motor I am looking at buying is complete with motor and tranny. but if I am unable to get it before he parts with it, I wanted to be sure I am on the right track if I have to settle for other options. but to make it easy on myself I am def. putting a b16a in it.
yea what he said pretty much.

whatever trans you have just get a clutch kit for the engine that your trans would have been mated to originally. since you mentioned an ls clutch i'm assuming you are using an ls trans. if that is the case make sure you get the appropriate clutch kit. 90-91 and 92-93 ls trannys are different. the input shaft on the 92-93's are 1/16" of an inch larger than the other years. your rear trans bracket does have to be from a 90-93 teg, but also make sure its a manual trans bracket. auto will not work.

and also like injen said, you'll need to convert from dpfi to mpfi
the aforementioned list above is simply a check list some guy gave me. he said if I'm starting from scratch I will AT LEAST need those parts. If there is something missing or something extra let me know.
almost everything you listd is for a gasket rebuild,you do not need all of that
you need
mounts,linkage,axles,ecu,and whatever doesnt come with the motor
as for rad. hoses,you can use the ones off your current motor and fit tem on tightly or,run an integra rad. and trim them to fit,