B16a Stamp Identification

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sup sup..yo i recently got a b16a..does anybody know a site with info that breaks down what the numbers stamped on block stand for..B16A obviously..but what about the rest..Also with Transmissions too..i have S1 and then a bunch of numbers..what is the definition of all them numbers..can anybody help..

all i know is that if the first number is a 5, the motor originally came out of a JDM CRX Si-R.

and if the first number was a 1, the motor originally came out of a JDM Integra X-Si.
thanx man..thats a start..im searchin web now for info..i know i saw a reference somewhere but cant remember where..i also have a S1 Transmission..is this (90) Integra Trans..??
That doesn't help me :( still dont know the deal with the euro one's and the serial numbers.Mine has a P30 with a 1million.
yo good look pissedoffsol...the info told me what i needed to know..i didnt even realize it was right under my nose in site..thanx