B16A Throttle body question

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and yeah that should work. only the gsr's are different due to the manifold/throttle cable deisgn
I just wasn't sure cuz didn't the first generation of B16's have the map sensor located in a different position than the later ones?
Ok i received the TB today and there is not place to bolt on the MAP sensor, is there a way to hook that up or not?
yea that's what i thought...will the map mount on the TB (next to where the throttle cable goes) or do i have to mount it somewhere else?

Also where would be the best place to get vacuum hoses? Honda, autozone...idk
if im in a lazy mood ill zip tie it to the intake manifold support just under the throttle body. but you can mount it pretty much wherever you want. if you have your old engine just swipe some line from it.