B16a Turbo

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k, i am thinking about turboing my first gen b16. it has about 40 k miles on it. now heres the thing, i found a HKS head gasket that will lower the c/r to about 8.8:1...how much boost would i be able to run on the motor without having to build my internals? i figure that with an 8.8:1 c/r, i would be able to run a lot more boost safely...do you think 10 psi would be good?
read the vafc hack post, it links you to honda-tech where people are runnin 10+ lbs on a vafc/safc no problem. Got people running 280 whp on a gsr with stock internals and 240+ on a frikin d16z6, stock! If you dont dick around, anythings possible. peace