b16a2 in a 5G

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Jaiz SiR

Junior Member
Swapping a b16a2 from a 00 USDM SI into my 5G civic. Read about how straight forward the swap should be. SCC has a "step by step" manual about this swap; however, the 2 lower mounts do not line up. Any thoughts. I have HASport mounts and I changed the rear motor mount to a GSR's per the article, but the under 2 mounts still don' t line up. The article says that the tranny undermount doesn't line up, but it doesn't say what to do about it.

Anythoughts are appreciated.
well a better choice would have been a b16a3.. since it's the same OBD, but for your mounts...

the rear mount isn't your problem.. its the tranny bracket that you need. the rear mount from the d series will work but you need a rear tranny bracket from a del sol vtec and what the the fuck is the 2 lower mounts?? there are tranny rear and driver side...
Maybe the b16a3 would have been a better choice, but b16a2 is what I have. Anyway, there are 5 mounts altogether. The rear mount, the tranny mount, the driver's side mount, a "front, lower tranny mount, and a mount from the power steering and a/c bracket. The first 3 line up no problem, but the "lower" 2 do not.
those are brackets... but either way.. i used del sol VTEC ones on mine. any b series tranny MOUNT will work, which it sounds like you have. but the two tranny BRACKETS are from a del sol vtec

any pictures would be helpful since we use different terms for the same thing