b16a2 into 91' wagon... quick question

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I've read quite a few threads! And will continue to do so if I go through with this swap. I just can't find a defanant clear answer on this.

I found a good deal on a built b16a2, with swap mounts to go in my 91' wagon. My wagon is already mpfi so that I don't have to worry about.

The engine doesn't come with an ecu.

What would be the best ecu for me to use with this engine. Do I convert the engine to obd0? or change the wiring to obd1.
Since I'm open to options I would like to choose the best one. And I'd like to price out how much that will cost me before I finalize this deal.


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if you're trying to keep it as cheap as possible then run it all obd0 with a pr3 or pw0 sir I b16a ecu. if you'd like to convert to obd 1 then get yourself a obd0-1 jumper with subharness, and run it with a p30 ecu. you say the engine is built so does that mean just stronger parts but the same compression and camshafts, or have those changed? if so you'll definitely want obd1 because it will give you more tuning options.