b16a2... Maybe?

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Little bit confused.... Bought what I thought was Del sol b16 block however when I looked closer, the part code on the bottow of the block, pistons, and caps, is Pr-3 which tells me that its from an older crx. Whats confusing me though is the block badge says "B16A2". My first thought was that the guy just etched it in but its too perfect for that to have happened. Anyone know if the PR3 part code is used anywhere else?
PR3 is the ECU code for the OBD0 VTEC. But it also appeared on my B18A1 cam gears. If you engine code says B16A2 then it is.
Right but if the pistons and everything else including a part on the bottow of the block is stamped PR-3 doesnt that mean something?
No. If the tag is etched B16A2 thats what it is bud.
Ohh ok cool just making sure. Im gonna post some links to a picture of the badge to see if any of you guys think it looks like its been tampered with. Thanks again in advance for the help
Anyone know what other cars the a2 came in? I always thought that in the dohc vtec del sol it was a b16a3. So where the hell did my motor come from? Any way to tell what obd it is? Thanks again
Thats what i'm thinking because there isnt another a2 that i can think of. Just confuses me that the internals are pr3s instead of p2t. Oh well lol.
Figured it out! The a2 came in the 99-00 civic si but it also came in the 96-97 del sol vtec. The 94-95 had the a3. Or so I hope =D
pr3 is on the ls heads so he might of put a ls head on and put the vtec vc back on
I wish my JDM one was a little more clear, just says B16A, damn those japs.

All JDM motors have no numbers after. Your B16 if its obd1 or obd2 will be a b16a2 in the USA or UK. If its obd0 meaning its from a 90 or 91 crx then its a b16A1.

Hope that helps.
No i understood that part i was just stating that fact lol.