B16a2 Motor In To '95 Ex

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Alrite, I have did a lot of reading about this swap. I have a few questions now. Sorry if they are newb questions or something.
Alrite here's my plan.

I plan on buying a complete b16a2 Sir-2 motor from Osaka Motors for $1850 $75.00 for the shift linkage. Good idea, or should I buy else where?

My next question is, will I need to buy any extra parts for the swap. Here's what the complete swap comes with,
-Complete Block
-Intake Manifold
-Uncut Engine Wiring Harness
-Complete Head
-Exhaust Manifold
-Fuel Rail
-A/C Compressor
-Throttle Body
-Ignition Wires
--Basically undo the motor mounts and exhaust, pull the motor up, all the components are included

I'll have to buy shift some shift linkage i'm pretty sure.
If I need addition parts tell me.

Also, what would you recommend replacing on the new motor. (maintenence)

Yes, I know the GS-R motor has more power, but I don't want to spend a lot of money for the motor.

Last question, what are the downsides of the motor for daily driving?

Thanks.... :worthy:
B16A Sir II is what you want, the B16A2 is USDM from a 99-00 Civic Si, wiring is NOT fun. I wouldn't recommend Osaka motors, I dont know 1st hand, but many of people here and on Honda-tech.com do. E-mail Hybrid Revoultion, I'm sure they can get a better price, and a hell of a lot better service...one thing missing from that list is motor mounts, I'm not positive which ones you need, but you will definetely need some new ones. Only downside to daily driving is...you put lots of miles on it :) Just don't beat on it, search the boards for a good break-in method.
I got an e-mail back from HybridRevolution really fast. He recommended getting aftermarket shift linkage, mounts, and axels.
I'd rather not spend $500 on mounts. Will integra mounts fit, what will fit to save me from spending $500 on mounts! I'm having trouble finding a good place to purchase axels.
Osaka sucks get it through hybrid revolution.You need the axles mounts and shiftlinkage.
Here is a picture of the mounts you can use to save some money:
as far as axles are concerned, you can get them at oriellys or auto zone, etc. they will give you 30 days to bring back the core. you can take back your stock axles and they will usually fall for it and give you your money back. if not go to one of thier other locations and try again. repeat steps1 and 2 until you find somebody that will buy it. Also, if you have an intermediate shaft with a male end you will need 99-00 Si axles. if female, use older integra axles. if you have trouble finding mounts, email me i know a place where you can get them. You should also invest in a better clutch. (clutch masters) By the way. b-16s are bad ass motors despite all of the crap people say. if you would care for me to elaborate i will be glad to do so. good luck with the swap.

Any B series shiftlinkage will work except the Delsol's,as it is shaped different.