B16a2 Turbo Engine Build

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I was just wondering if you guys could tell me if I'm headed in the right direction. I'm building a B16a2. These are the parts I have. B16a2 block, fully polished equal length drag turbo manifold, t3 turbo, fully polished intercooler, polished wastegate, ross racing pistons with integra ls rods. I'm planning on boring the engine .030 over to accomidate the ross pistons. I have integra LS rods and civic SI rods, which should I use? Which head should I use? GSR or SI? And which tranny? SI or GSR. I'm transplanting this all into a 1994 civic DX, which wiring harness should I use? SI? And SI or GSR ECU? I would really appreciate the help guys. Thanks
Does anyone know anything about this at all? I just need an idea? Thanks
what is the compression ratio of your pistons? what amount of boost do you plan on using? you may want to resleeve and get eagle or crower rods to accomidate however much boost you plan on using. the b16 head will give you about 0.1:1 drop in compression ratio, so might as well use that one if you have the choice. use the gsr tranny. never done a 5th gen swap, but i know if you do a little searching on this site you will find any info you are looking for.
I'm planning on running around 10 psi of boost. My pistons are 9.0.1 compression. Does anyone know if ross pistons are any good? I've heard they are a lot better than JE etc. Thanks
not sure about the ross pistons, dont know of anyone that has used them. a 9.0 CR with 10lbs on a t3 you should be good on the b16 (si) rods.