B16Ax into a gen2 CRX

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I am planning on putting a B16 of some sort into a gen2 CRX HF or Si, depending on what I can find.

I've been doing some digging and I haven't found any mention of exhaust compatibility, or much information about cable to hydro transmission conversions.

I'm wondering if the B16 exhaust manifold will bolt directly on to either of the stock CRX systems, or if I will have to find some different parts to make it work. I'm considering using a USDM B16A2/3, or possibly a gen1 JDM motor.

I would also like to know what is involved in converting the cable system to operate a hydro tranny. This will help me decide between finding a complete swap setup, or finding the engine and cable tranny separately.

Thanks in advance for any info that anyone can provide.
You just use the stock exhaust manifold from the b16, but if you want an aftermarket header, you need a b16 del sol header or a 99-00 civic SI they both fit, but you need to tap in another o2 sensor in the header if you have a gen 1 jdm motor. just keep with a cable tranny, they are a hell of a lot cheaper than a hydro. im not to sure if they make that conversion.

why do you want a hydro tranny?
I'm not looking for a hydro tranny specifically, but if converting is possible and relatively easy I'll get the gen2 motor and tranny together.

I see your point about price too... the cost of a separate motor and cable tranny looks a lot smaller than a complete gen2 setup.
Just to make your life easier,I'd stick with a b16a1.Since it use the same clutch and obd,then you'll be saving time and money.You can get a good 1 gen B swap and mounts to put it in for around 1500 +or- depending on the amount of looking around you want to do.