B16sir Ii Vs H22 Vs B18

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My question is what motor would be better for me to put in my 93 cx hatchback. I plan on doing mainly streetracing, and taking exit ramps at 70. Heres my budget, i can get the b16sir II and turbo charge it, if i get the b18 it will be a while before i can get a turbo, if i do. And if i get the h22 i will prob be able to turbo it. I want to have alot of speed, but with good handeling. My last question and ill shut up, is how much faster would the h22 be than the b16sir II if i turbo them both. I must say thank you for all the people out there that take the time to answer peoples question's. thanks.
H22 is going to cost more than you think,once it is in your car and rolling,slightly more than the GSR.The price difference between the GSR and the B16siRII isn't going to leave enough for a turbo.In your car I'd go B18C1 or B16siRII.
I dont understand what you are saying exactly. The cheapest of the 3 swaps is the ls motor (b18b), why would it take you longer to save $ to turbo that motor? If you are sure about boost I would go b18b, if you are leaning towards n/a go with the sirII. I would only choose the h22a if I was to want to use it almost exclusively for drag, and it sounds like you want to drive your car hard daily, and for handling purposed I would rather use a b series motor.
You should also tell us which b18 you are considering, the b, c1 or c5. I personally would say to go with the b18b if you are on a budget.
There is no reason to choose a B18B over a B16A or GSR for boost,other than price.
I'd go b18c if i were you because you said that you want to be fast AND have handling. I know that you can turn with an H22, but you would have to do stuff like integ springs, cf hood, battery relocate and stuff like that. with the gsr, you can do quite a few directions with that motor which is why it's so durable as a hybrid project. you can either go n/a or turbo with a gsr, you can go so many directions with that. so i'd go gsr

good luck!
Ok, lets forget about the h22. Now im wanting to no more about the b18b. which would be faster out of that and the b16sir II. Would i be better to turbo one of those, or save and buy the b18c1. What ever i get i want to be able to beat cobras.
I would go with the GSR for you particular application. But if you want to step to the wild side, get a H22 and slap a turbo on it. You'll be able to handle turns just as well as any other car with the right mixture of parts(beefed up suspension components). With that combination you'll be spanking Cobras.
Sort of off the topic but just for reference sakes, I've raced many Hondas(a few hatches with B16's, one or two GSR's, RSX's, 02 SI's and one Accord) in my Stang and not a single one has been able to beat me or keep up except for a guy in a 95 Accord 4-door on the bottle. Let me point out that I finally passed him up around 120mph(we were racing on the freeway and I think it was an automatic tranny cuz I don't recall the break in engine noise between gear changes) but he was pretty fast and I'll give him props.

My point is go with the biggest engine your wallet can afford, your car will love you for it later.
i would go with the b18b and then bore it out and get all the internals to fit the bore size and you will get a huge HP gain from that then later on turbo charge it and it will definately be fast and will handle REALLY good too. ~mike~
Now, when you say you can turbo charge the B16sirII does that include pistons/rings, rods, valvetrain, and other related machine work? If not, get the b18b, much better for boost out of the box. You could later do a LsVtec change later, but you'll be better off with this motor. Now, you could buy the already vtec b18c, you get .2 more liters of displacement, but again, you really should build it and it costs somewhat more do build this engine than a b16. As for the H22. (handling) Sure, it will handle well, but at a large suspension investment, that includes having your coilover set up properly tuned by an experienced technician, not yourself. But, put that money in a car with a B series engine and the H22 will loose ground every turn. Still a very good swap though. (Engine power) An H22 can run 13's all motor with bolt ons and good driving. If you want to go turbo, its pricy, you HAVE to build it. the piston design puts the rings high up on the piston and they fry. sucks. But if you could gather the money, it would be very very powerful with good tuning.
Without knowing what kind of compromises your willing to make in cash and performance, its hard to really answer your question. From what i know now, I would go with a B18b(later vtec hybrid if you want vtec). You could build a B20 turbo which is a more difficult option but a good one.

Good luck :D