B18 swap questions

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Canuck 93 Civic Si

Senior Member
I want to swap in a B18 into my 93 civic Si coupe. I am wondering which engine to go with the C1, C3, C5 or what. I am also wondering what the difference is between these engines (besides horses) and if they will drop in to my car. Also if anyone has any suggestions for me as to any other engines or mods for the engine. Keep in mind that i would really like to keep it normally aspirated for reliabilitys sake ( i drive about 100 miles a day to get to school).

Thanks for your help
id say go with the B18C1 the C5 is expensive as hell and the C3 is too rare to even bother with (i think its the Euro spec Type r or somethin) ... save some cash over the price of the C5 and use that money to do some work to the C1... its a reliable engine and doesnt need tons of mods to be fun ... not to mention driving 100 miles a day (at highway speeds im guessing) with the type R tranny would have you sittin at like 5k the whole way and thats just added wear and tear on an already expensive as f00k engine
b18c1 for like 3500ish and then use the other grand on a skunk2 intake manifold, hondata, cams and cam gears