B18a And Dseries Parts Sale!

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B18 and Dseries parts sale!

-Complete Head $45
-Complete Intake Manifold $30
-Iacv $15
-Oem Flywheel $25
-Oem Clutch/Pressureplate $35
-Lightened and Resurfaced Flywheel $90
-Stock Motor Mounts $30
-Oem Plug Wires $10
-Fuel Pump
-N1 style Muffler with Silencer $95

95 Sohc Vtec:

-Chrome Strut Bar $30
-Catylic Converter $20
-Oem 95 ex Clutch/Pressure Plate $30
-Lightened Flywheel $90 SOLD
-1.5 Dx Head Complete $50
-Ex Injectors
-2.75" 99-00 Aem Civic Si Silver CAI and Bypass valve $115 SOLD
-Stainless new 4-1 Racing header $130 SOLD
-95 D16z6 Tranny- Great Condition- 75k! $140 SOLD
-D16z6 Wire Harness $40 SOLD
-Also parting out engine and tranny from 91 Civic dx

I will take any reasonable offers. Pics of everything here: