b18a crx wiring harness, electrical guru's please help!!!

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all motor crx

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i'm swapping in a b18a1 into my crx, using stock harness and i previously swapped it to mpfi. everything was setup and running on my d15b2 except i didn't re-do my harness i just ran some loose wires before

so this time, i opened up my harness and i ran 4 new wires, 2 from the dizzy, and 2 from the other injectors, down to the passenger side shock tower plug, soldered them up, tapped them and all. had a couple other plugs i had to lengthen so did that, then taped up my harness again. i ran my 4 wires from the ecu to the 4 wirs i now have loose and then put male/female butt connectors to make it plug and play. looks great.

put the harness in the bay wired up to the engine, checked all the grounds bought some new ones and when i go to turn the key to acc my cluster lights come on and so does my corner lights, without the switch on. then when you try to start the engine it doesnt crank it just clicks once, doesnt try to crank or anything, my obd0 ecu light comes on as a steady light until you let off the key, the cluster lights go away and then come back on after you stop trying to crank it.

so my question is, would this be a sign of a short in the wiring? i dont have the passenger headlight wiring fuse/ relay box bolted down, would that also be a ground of some sort?

sorry for the long message just trying to let you know what it does, thanks for any help, despretly needed.
does your cel stay on when you turn the ignition?
it just clicks? like you hear the starter click? make sure u have 12volts, a good battery, good battery cables, good grounds (engine to frame, and battery to frame, and i also do battery to engine)

also what ecu are u using? PR4?
My lsv ef with mpfi conversion Running 1 with 0 harness got stolen and elated the harness somehow. But I'm trying to re wire and wanna know if I can use obd 1 harbess and put the 0 connectors or how I should go about it. I have full 1 and melted so just the connectors for 0. Running 1 ecu.