B18a Into Si Coupe....help

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Pls help me, I have posted numerous topics on honda-tech.com for help and nobody seems to be able to help me. My si was stolen and engine was taken. Im trying to do this swap and Im going nuts and really starting to lose all faith in ever geting this thing up and runing.

Thing I have
Obd2-obd1 conversion harness
LS pr4 ecu
LS wire harness
Dx wire harness
Dx ecu
ITR shift linkage
SI motor mounts

Things I need
No idea im lost

Pls guys help me out. The LS harness doesnt seem to be fiting the Pr4 and the conversion harness doesnt seem to be fiting anything. I need some help badly.
are you sure you have an obd1 ecu and not an obd2? what car is the engine from? we need the years on all of this stuff.
ok depending on what was stollen from your vehicle..
if you are putting a ls into a 99-2000 si you will need.
motor,tranny axels shift linkage obd1- jumper harness(unless the ls ecu that you have is obd2. and you will need the factory SI mounts for your car. i would suggest gettin anothe si engine harness just to eliminate alot of hassels. please feel free to contact me at my shop if you need help.
thanx chris@hookups