B18a non vtec swap into 4g civic H/b Dx

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im about to aquire a usdm b18a that came off a 93 teg that had like 83,000 miles on it from a friend for 800$ he says it comes with everything ,tranny,ecu, wire harness. etc. but i need more info on how to do the wire conversion and if i have to do it when i can the wire harness.any info that ne1 has that would help would be greatly apreciated.and if ur selling or know some one that has something that could help me ....talk to me
if u want u can email me at streetinvader@hotmail.com
You will have to rewire for obd1 because your car is obd0. If it is a dx that you have you will have to rewire for it use 4 fuel injectors instead of 2. You will need a mount kit and some other stuff.
yeah i know that.....thanks.. any thing else that can help is welcome and any links about it would help..i just wanna find as much info as possible about it