B18a swap into 95 civic dx. need answeres!!!

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labe lincoln

New Member
My 95 civic chassy has a hydraulic clutch pedal, but the 93 b18a w/ transmissoin i bought is cable.Should I buy a new trans that is hydro and if so which could i buy. Or could I just convert my clutch pedal to cable, and how easy is that?

Hey everyone. I'm new to hondaswap forum. So please be easy on me. Anyways I have a 95 civic dx. It had a d15b7 which destroyed when a piece of metal found its way into one of the cylinders destroying the head valves and cylinder walls. I recently bought a b18a to swap into my chassy. I have rebuilt it with forged internals cams and valve springs. My problem comes up when Im ready to install the transmission. I didn't do my proper research at first and turned out the transmission I got with the b series is cable. I don't want cable I would use it and that would be great but my clutch pedal is hydraulic on the chassy. I don't know what to do. Can I use a different b series transmission that is hydro. Or is it possible and fairly easy to convert my cluth pedal to cable? I need to know. Im on a very tight time frame. Im good at any mechanical work im just new to these civiv swaps.
Thanks a lot! do you know what year gsr trany is hydro. When I look for a tranny not many people list if it is hydo or cable.
now with a b16 tranny which mounts are good or will I need. Are they the same as I would need with any B series tranny. Mounts are really my next big question because I hear so many people say one thing and then something else. Plus any other additional info on parts that you expect i will be needing would be great. I have the block completely built so all that is left is install. and I have got nowhere on that yet with parts. I have 2 months.
Thanks so much for your answers. Is it true I have to get a new shift linkage for the swap. Is any b series linkage good or is the b16 best. since it came in a civic allready?
Hey i need to know!....ive got a 92 honda civic hatchback dx(automatic)... I am planing on dropping a k20 in it.... Wat am i gonna have to do to go from auto to manual???