B18a Turbo

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I am putting together a b18a turbo setup, i am putting on a thick head gasket, ARP head and rod bolts. I would like to run 8-10 psi. Should I be using a T25 or T3/T4 turbo? On each what fuel mods do i need to make? Are bigger injectors a must, will a decent FMU do the trick? Will the stock pump push enough (91 CRX Si)? Will an MSD 6AL be a sufficent ignition. Any info on the subject would be helpful. I am new to the turbo game and in need of info.


t25 is wicked small. id run the t3/t4.
dont bother with the head gasket, the LS already has a low compession.
yes, you need more fuel. at least 440cc's and get a walboro high pressure 255 in tank pump.
DONT use an fmu. FMU = fucks motors up
dont bother with iginition- its a waste of money that would be better spent on fuel and turning.
id also highly recommend hondata for tuning.