B18A1 Crx, we went to the strip!

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Well, I got my swap finished, put about 400 miles on it and took it racing.

I am damned to running 1/8th mile, because that is all I have around here, hell I have to drive an hour and a half to get to it.

Anyway, I was somewhat pleased, somewhat displeased. First off, it wasnt much fun that night, because it was an open night, and usually has a good mix of people to race.. top fuelers can find several other top fuelers to race... Hell, I wouldnt be surprised to see two geos lined up.

Anyway, there were only like 5 street cars there, and the rest were all out trailered dragsters.. and the five stockers were three slow azz pickups, me, and another crx. A friend of mine. (who, by the way, ended up in jail later that night for street racing)

On with the friggin good stuff already, eh?

I usually run pretty consistant 10.5 with the si motor. The fastest I'd run to date was a 10.37. But now I have the b swap in and ready to go.

I ran a 9.9 second 1/8th at 70mph... not too bad. I had old cracked dried out street tires and steelies on the car, and that was KILLING me. If I had stickier tires, I think I would have been around 9.75/9.6 We'll see next time!