B18b Bottom End, Strong Enough?

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got ls?

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Can a b18b handle rpms up to 8000?
I am building a spare head with all crower internals and was wondering if the bottom end could handle 8000rpm, to make full use of the cams. If so, would you suggest a company(skunk2,jun,mugen,etc.) to send my ecu in and have it chipped.
Thanks for your help!
In stock form it might be, but you would be better off adding ARP rod bolts at least. You also might want to use a VTEC timing belt and water pump. That pump is desinged to see 8000 RPm, where the LS pump is not.

As for the ECU, don't bother with a chip, get a Hondata.
if your going to rev to 8000 or even higher you'd be better off to go ahead and do something to the bottom end....it's cheaper to build it right the first time than it is to fix it when something breaks.......IMO it's really not work the risk....especially if your worried about it, do it right and have peace of mind....
LS/VTEC breaks down on high revs......if just the b18b with no conversion, give it a head work and build the block.
Originally posted by civicSiR1@Feb 24 2003, 12:51 PM
LS/VTEC breaks down on high revs......if just the b18b with no conversion, give it a head work and build the block.

What in the world are you talking about?
most LS/VTEC i see running are always blowing when they reach high revs around 8400 plus.......to my conclusion, it's like a heart transplant....you need to take meds to keep it in good shape.....
not sure about the other LS/VTEC.....but the majoriity that i've seen
Ah, I understand. I couldn't say if they can handle more than 8200 RPM, that is where I stop mine.
not to insult any of the people who have pride in thier LS/VTEC, (--->LSVTEC) i've seen them puppies run good time and have been smoked by one once......i have toda/spoon fully built all motor, and got pulled by LS/VTEC turbocharged.....
Cool so it'll be safer just to buy a spare block and build it also. I guess its easier in the long run, I can just drop the motor right in.
Think I could run mid 13's with the head and built bottom end?
CTR Pistons .25 Over
Shotpeened & Magnaflexed LS Rods
Balanced Crank spun to 9K
ARP rod bolts
Vtec Oil & Water Pump
And would it be worth it to use type r oil squirters on the bottm end?
Once again thanks for all your help!