B18b In A 92-95 2dr Ex 5spd

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Hey, I want to build a fast 92-95 EX 2dr 5spd.

I have UP TO 8,000... but dont want to spend that much if I dont have to.

I want to beat almost ALL stock v6 motors. Here is a list of cars I HAVE to beat.

2002 Grand Am GT w/ Ram Air
1995 Ford Taurs SHO w/ Cat Back Exhaust, K&N Filter, Yamaha motor. Pretty fast. (I think the fastest's car in town, not much huh?)
DX with Si-R motor, I think its 94, def. 5th generation.
I want to beat stock camaros, civics, and integra's.
Ummmm Id like to be the fastest car in town, I really dont have much to compete with, as you can see.

I didn't know if I wanted to put an H22A motor or a B18B, but I think Im sold on the B18B. Ive heard too much good about it, and bad about the H22A.

If you guys could PLEASE put down some setups w/ estimated prices and HP that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot guys, I hope you have fun with this post. Brand Names would also help a lot. I already decided Im going with the b18b motor forsure now. Thanks a lot guys!
FYI bro...Don't double post. Admins don't like it much. Delete it...I'm answering your other post in the civic section.
Hmm. Pestering is right. Good name for yourself...

Don't double post questions on this board, or any board for that matter. It's not necessary to get an answer to your question.

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