B18B Injectors

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Here's a question that has been lingering in my mind for a while now. When Honda switch the Integra's B18A to the B18B, did they reposition the fuel injectors? I need to know because I replaced my B18A to a B18B but I'm still using the old intake manifold. Any help would be appreciated.
Sorry to be a little vague. What I meant was, did Honda reposition the fuel injectors so that they would be more or less vertical than the previous configuration? Hope that clears it up a little more. I know from the B17 to the B18C1 Honda made the injectors a little more vertical to aim it more towards the cylinder.
why? I mean what are you trying to do?

the rail bolts to the intake manifold... so just use the proper manifold
the injectors will be identical, no matter which angle they are firing at... if thats what you are asking. i'm not sure
He wants to know if the B18B Intake manifold aims the injectors the same place as the B18A manifold. At least I think that is what he is asking. I don't know the answer.
ok makes sense now, but i also don't know the answer sorry
lsvtec has it. The reason why I need to know is because my B18A was shot, so I was able to get my hands on a B18B for cheap. The only thing was that I had to use my old intake manifold and everything else. Now, with this 'new' motor in, it bogs the living sh*t out of me. The 'new' motor only has 36k miles on it. I've tried pretty much everything to fix this problem except for the fuel pressure, which I've already ordered a gauge and press. reg., and the fuel injectors. I know the fuel pump is good, that was replaced at the same time this 'new' motor was put in. So if I had this little piece of knowledge, it would help me out a whole lot. Thank you.
I believe that they point at the same place because the Skunk2 manifold is the same for the B18A and the B18B. Make sure the injectors are getting the right voltage.
Thanks for the info and your help. I'll take a look at that. That may not be my problem after all.