B18b LS or B18C GSR

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B18b or B18c to turbo with greddy kit/IC, which one fastest with stock internal?
How much psi can i boost(max), stock internal?
How much Hp will i get?
1) The B18B will be easier to tune (no VTEC), but the B18C will yield more power.
2) Depends on the turbo. If you have a REALLY small turbo, then A LOT, if you have a huge turbo then PRACTICALLY NONE.
3) How good are you at dynometer tuning? That is going to give you more or less power, so there is no way of saying.
(A good estimate tho would be between 10hp and 400hp)

Hope that helps.
My friend have a integra LS(stock internal) i'm going to buy his car, he have Greddy turbo kit/FMIC,don't know what size greddy use I think Mitsubishi TD05-18G , 3" cat back system, test pipe and few other mods(not anything big). Don't want to mess with b18b internal yet.
just want to know how many psi good for daily driving?
And max psi i can go, not to blow B18B.
I know 7psi without FMIC dyno tested 165HP at the wheel on turbomagazine turbo test.
I wish i could get to 250hp at the crank with stock internal, what can i do?
If i have money i would like to swap with JDM B18c add F-MAX turbo kit.