B18b Ls Some Weird Sh!@t

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ok i did an ls swap the other day in my vtec-sohc eg civic and it wont start ok here is what it is doin: ok i am getting fire to all the cylinders ok but i am only getting gas on the 1st and 3rd injector and the 1st injector is spitting constant fuel and flooding the first cylinder as soon as i turn the key but the 3rd is working fine and i have changed the injectors and the rail is filling up with fuel but its all screwed up and my car wont run please help it is throwing a code 16 fuel injection so i dunno can someone help oh yea and the second and 4th cylinder is getting no fuel thru the injectors help!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:
Check your injector wiring. There is no reason why the P28 shouldn't run that engine(poorly, maybe, but it should run).

If I remember right, the injector harness feeds up from the passenger side of the intake on the D16Z6, and from the drivers' side on the B-series. It's possible that the injectors could be plugged in ass backwards. We ran into this problem with a B16A swap. Had spark, had fuel pressure, and the engine would run for a couple seconds if about a spoonfull of gas was porred into each cylinder through the plug hole. That's when we knew it was injectors or injector wiring.

I've got a 94-98 teg service manual with wiring diagrams if you want to know for sure what color wires go to what injectors.