B18b motor questions

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some poeple said that why i have the motor (the b18b) out of the engine bay, i should put some parts on it to make it better, like some gaskets or somthing. i forgot what he told me, so is it true? do the B18b's have any cronic problems that i should be a aware of? I think one of the things he said was about a cam seal or somthing. I am going to be running nitrous on it, so what other parts should i add to my list to make it more reliable? Ive been tryin to find a good head gasket for it too (any help?) Thanks Brent,
I have a B18a which is similiar and the only thing i have heard is the bottom end of LS engines are almost bulletproof and the top end lacks stability of vtec. I do know these motors handle turbos well w/o much modification. No problems i have heard of though new gaskets never hurt anything.